Contemplating a Flashlight

This will be a quick one since it’s late and I’m pretty wiped. It was a full day of packing and sorting and shopping. I always forget how much I hate shopping until I have to do it… Anyway, yesterday, when we had been at Target, I had stopped in front of the flashlights and sort of gestured to them, asking Joe if he thought I should grab a small, cheap one even though it hadn’t made it on my list. (Incidentally, quite a few things were being added to my list as I went, as is the case with such trips. I will share this rather epic-looking list with you later.) Anyway, Joe’s response was to wait until REI.

Well, today was the REI trip (at least, the first one) and as I passed the flashlights with Sadie, she asked if I needed one. I said I would think about it but, you know, it wasn’t on any of the recommended packing lists I’d been looking at when I made my own list. I wondered if that was an oversight or a purposeful omission on the part of the US Antarctic Program. Then, just as we were about to leave, Joe called me over to the flashlight aisle again and said, “Okay, do you think you’d want a headlamp or a handheld one? Which would be more useful?”

So I start to think about what I would use it for: maybe going back to my dorm after a party late at night or if I’m on the mid shift, going to the gym after work. You know, that kind of stuff. Then it hit me why flashlights aren’t on the USAP packing lists: it is always going to be daylight while I’m there. I can leave a party or work at 3am and the sun will be shining. Duh.

I have a feeling, as I sit in bed with my windows open listening to crickets outside, that there are going to be quite a few of these “paradigm shifts” in my near future!


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