A Quiet Night & A Day Off

Sunday night went pretty quietly, although it was a bit frustrating. It was Alex’s night off, so it would just be Matt and me and I’m not sure if he was trying to make up for not working yesterday or what but he showed up at about 1800 (two hours early) and prepped EVERYTHING. By the time I got there at 1945, there was almost nothing for me to do. So while I was feeling a little perkier because of the new sleep schedule (going to bed right after work and getting up at around 1400), I found myself dragging out small tasks just to have something to do. Seriously, it does not take me thirty minutes to clean two bags of snowpeas. The best part of the night was setting up for breakfast which Alex usually takes the lead on and so fell to me that day. Dad, this one is for you – how many sausage patties does it take to feed a station of 900+?

Towards the end of the night, Matt asked me if I was off the next day. I looked at him and asked if there was a schedule somewhere I should be checking. He went to check and reported back that yes, indeed, I was going to be off the next day. Nice! So after we put breakfast out, I got some food and sat down with Todd the DA (not Todd, the Culinary Manager) and we talked about traveling in Spain and what I was going to do with my day off. Wouldn’t you know all the bars and the Store are closed on Mondays? Todd did inform me, however, about Day Bar. Day Bar is open every day except Monday but it’s basically what they call one of the bars that opens for a few hours in the early morning so that us night-shift workers, or “day sleepers” as they call us, can go to a bar too. I headed home after eating and sat down to write a bit. But I fell asleep instead, still in work clothes, on top of my covers. I don’t think a bomb could have woken me.
When I got up, I read for a bit – I’m tearing through books at a frightening pace, actually – and then headed to dinner, which was flank steak and mashed potatoes and was surprisingly good and not overcooked. I’ve also taken to grabbing whatever salad is available since I’ve heard that greens will become more scarce as the summer progresses. Because it was later in the evening than when I usually get dinner, the dining room was packed and I wound up sitting with a table of people I didn’t know. They all worked in maintenance and engineering in some form or another and Bob and I wound up talking for some time after dinner as well. Bob’s been down here 15 seasons – some winters, some summers, some winterovers (that’s both summer and winter) and has some good stories to tell about what it’s like to see the sun rise after 6 months of darkness. It kind of makes me want to try it, to be honest.

The rest of my day off has been catching up on posting all the writing I’d been doing since I got here, and then heading to the Coffee House – which is open on Mondays – for a chat with Greg, one of the firemen who had come in on the same flight as me. We started chatting with two young men wearing the cold weather gear issued to inhabitants of Scott Base and found out they were from Belgium, studying at Princeton, working as researchers at Scott Base. We all four talked about life on station, the merits of being from Belgium over France, and Hurricane Sandy. Then they had to head back since they had only checked out until midnight, and Greg and I continued to sip plastic cups of Bailey’s over ice (it was all there was to drink, the barista had left already) and talking about books we were reading at the moment. Then around midnight, I wandered over to the galley to get “lunch” and settled down to reading. Now it’s about 4:30 in the morning and figured I’d wrap this post up before breakfast/dinner (or as the DAs call it: brinner). I also finally accomplished one task I had been intending to do since I got here: the below picture

Now, there is a picture on the team website of two other Munster fans in Antarctica but I THINK I still win for furthest south because it looks like they only got to the peninsula. 🙂 After two great wins the last two weeks, let’s hope the boys in red can keep the streak going!


2 responses to “A Quiet Night & A Day Off

  1. Wow! Sounds like you are adjusting quickly! Takes me several weeks to get use to a new schedule.
    What great opportunities! Sign up for all those volunteer/safety classes. You never know where one might lead you.

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