Keep on Trucking til Thursday..

Tonight – Tuesday night – was Fried Chicken night for Midrats Lunch – it was quite a treat, even if it was simply a matter of frying off frozen fried chicken from Sysco. The downside to meals lately is that the Freshies Box – that one stacked floor to ceiling from two weeks ago? – is almost completely empty now so we are SCROUNGING for fresh vegetables and we’re running so low on salad greens we’ve stopped putting them out at the regular meals. I’m craving greens and fresh fruit like you wouldn’t believe but rumor has it that Freshies will be coming on the C-17 on Wednesday so we just have to hang tight with the frozen vegetables for one more night.



Brinner on Wednesday morning was full of election speculation. The community down here presents an interesting political dichotomy: on the one hand you have the Romney supporters – I’ve only met a few but they were two Fuelies, 6 different Air Force/Air National Guard personnel, and one firefighter. Then you have the research staff I’ve met, the galley staff I work with, and the Wasties (whom I had drinks with the first night I was here, remember?) who are pro-Obama. Frankly, I keep my opinions largely to myself unless asked and then I usually sum it up simply with “I have a uterus, so I’m for Obama.” Fortunately, with the majority of the population being men – and the kind of men who aren’t used to hearing the word “uterus” said out loud in casual conversation – they don’t challenge me much after that. Interestingly, the station manager decided on Tuesday night NOT to broadcast the vote count on the large screen in the galley dining room to avoid conflict. I thought that was rather smart but I’m also not inclined to gloating when it comes to political matters. Others might not be as tactful or diplomatic. Anyway, as I would just be waking up, I probably wouldn’t have watched it in the galley anyway.

Anyway, when I did wake up at about 1545 on Wednesday, I immediately turned on the tv in our room to AFRTS where they were doing election coverage. When Obama at 233 electoral votes, I finally caved and took a shower. By the time I was done with the shower, they had called it. Michelle, who lives on my floor it turns out, had said she’d be down in the common room on the 2nd floor watching the coverage so I threw on my (Tiffany’s loaner) robe and ran down there and we hugged and jumped up and down. Then I changed and went to dinner where there were several hotel pans piled high with brand new salad greens – Freshies had arrived!! Does the day get any better?

After a huge salad for dinner, I came back to my room and have been watching more election coverage until it’s time to go to work, which it nearly is. News of the President’s re-election had also reached my roommate which was fortunate because it was the only good thing to happen to her all day – she’s been trying to get to the South Pole for a few days now for work and today she sat on the runway from 0700 to 1600, and when they finally left, they boomeranged three times, each time for mechanical issues. So she went off to celebrate in a friend’s room and now I’m off to work, whistling the Obama Song by Michael Franti.

By the way, did anyone else hear the small aside that Romney didn’t write a concession speech? To quote Toby Zeigler on The West Wing: “Of course I wrote a concession. You want to tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing?” Yeah, I definitely watched West Wing’s Election Night episode while falling asleep on Wednesday morning…


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