Rolling with the Punches

Early on, I had said that it appeared that being flexible was the name of the game down here. Yet again, I have evidence to confirm that. Last night, just as I was getting started on prep for lunch – fajitas, black beans, spanish rice, etc, our new Exec Chef, Russell, came by and asked if I could spare a minute to have a little sit-down with him. Uh-oh. Is that ever a good thing?
He explained that he needed my help with a problem – one of the PM cooks was having a conflict of personalities with one of the PM sous chefs and wanted to be switched to Midrats. Would I mind moving to a PM shift and working in the “salad room” putting out the cold salads and vegetarian entrées for lunch/dinner? I told him that seeing as how I worked for him, and he’s the boss, he could move me wherever he needed me but I certainly appreciated his consideration in asking. He seemed impressed with that answer and we chatted a bit more about the things I mentioned earlier – that I didn’t like the vegetarian entrées being treated as an afterthought and often not even given an adequate (let alone tasty) source of protein and he got really excited about my ideas for meals, and laughed when I asked if he really thought I would be the best person to work with vegetarian food, given that I believe meat is “tasty tasty murder”.

Then we somehow got into my background a little bit and turns out he’s read a lot about Syrian politics given the upheaval lately and he started to get really animated and I almost felt bad having to say, “Look, I would love to talk about this more with you but I’ve got food to get out so let’s talk about how this schedule switch is going to work.”
My one insistence was that I still got Thursday off because goddammit, I’m EXHAUSTED. He said that’d be fine and since I was switching shifts, technically I’m meant to be given an additional day for “transitioning” my sleep schedule so why didn’t I take Friday off too and start on Saturday at 1100. So that’s the big news – not only am I now off for the next two days (HALLELUJAH) but my work schedule will now be 1100-2100. I’m not sure how I feel about working with the other cooks – I know the sous chefs a little bit because there’s some overlap in the evenings but there are a couple cooks I will overlap with in the morning who are kind of…assholes, would be putting in mildly. And I feel like I was FINALLY getting my Midrats sleep schedule down and I was getting into a rhythm with Alex and Matt and I love the Midrats DAs…but who knows, this will definitely keep me busier, there will likely be a lot less downtime during the day and I might actually get to take more advantage of the opportunities to do stuff here at McMurdo. One things for sure, it has yet to be boring down here…quiet, yes; boring, no.
So I only let myself sleep until noon today and now I’m going to try and stay up until about 2300 and see if that won’t help re-establish my sleep pattern. It’s Thursday so I might head over to Scott Base and check out the bar and store there…or maybe just go for a nice long hike.


2 responses to “Rolling with the Punches

  1. It sounds like you’re lucky with your management, that they’re willing to be flexible too. Good to know you don’t have to just eat anything you don’t like … including vegetarian protein. 😉

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