An Interesting Observation

In the week since Thanksgiving, there hasn’t been much going on of note, per se. I’m still spending a little too much time playing in the bars of McMurdo and Scott Base in my off hours (hence the lack of actual blog postings). Sarah and I are still being kept on the hop with our jobs as well as trying to train Liz, who really doesn’t have much experience to build on, so everything is taking us twice as long. But I keep coming back to a really great moment I had during one of the Thanksgiving Dinner seatings that I wanted to share.

I know I’ve touched a bit on the ethnic and political diversity down here but one of the things that has been a truly pleasant surprise has been the sexual diversity and it’s near-total acceptance. During one of the seatings for Thanksgiving Dinner, I happened to notice a very tall, well-built Australian man who was wearing a particularly flattering pair of trousers. As he usually comes through the galley in Carhartts – which I can confirm are also attractive in their own right – his trousers afforded an appraisal of his hindquarters not usually available to us from the doors of the kitchen. I may…just may…have made a comment along the lines of “Wow, you could bounce a quarter off that ___.” Four other people immediately joined me in the doorway to form their own opinions. Of the five of us standing there, only two of us were women.  And it felt so nice that no one cared or made an offensive joke or that it even registered at the time because someone had to point it out to me in a conversation later that day!

There are a lot of ways that my social life down here is a lot like being back in college, and those ways are not always positive – gossip, frat parties, the bar scene, etc. But the nonchalant acceptance of sexual diversity? That definitely reminds me of what I miss about Wellesley.


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