It’s the End of the World As We Know It…

Or maybe not quite. I did take a very special trip out to Scott Base just to commemorate where I was today, in case the world does end and we’re the only people left and we are forced to repopulate the Earth…


Also, today started the prep for Christmas Eve Dinner which, to my genuine shock, involved more foie gras than I’d seen in months….but living in a post July 2012 California, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a lot of foie gras, just that I live in a state that passes some pretty stupid laws.


In other random news, I completely forgot to post the group picture we all took for work a week ago! It was pretty cute, we took one regular picture and then Russell suggested we all point to the aliens landing, so we did. Or at least some of us did.

Cooks Pic


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