Truly “World Famous” Enchiladas

As some of you may remember from an earlier post, I loathe using the canned enchilada sauce when I’m making enchiladas down here, so I always try to doctor it up as best I can. But a week or two ago, I had a little extra prep time on my hands and no one (read: a sous chef) that could tell me that making my sauce from scratch wouldn’t be an efficient use of my time so I went ahead and made my “signature sauce” for my veggie enchiladas and, no surprise, it was a hit. In fact the sauce was such a hit that Sarah actually saved the quart left over and used it in sandwiches.

Then two days ago, Sarah told me she had Hut 10 on Thursday and was hoping we could make dinner for ourselves and a few of our friends and watch movies. I suggested we make chicken enchiladas so she could learn to make the sauce herself.




So now people have fallen in love with my enchiladas in Antarctica, North America, Asia, Europe… I just have to make them in Australia (which I can do very soon if Sid and Judith are game), South America, and Africa and they’ll have hit all seven continents!

Also, the toys Tiffany sent me may have come into use after the enchiladas were eaten… I’ve heard it helps digestion, right?




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