Hitting the Halfway Mark

Okay, so probably not the halfway mark that you think. I definitely still have more than half a season – and more than half a year – to get through. However, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m now running more than half a marathon on my long runs! Given that I’m still running on a treadmill, that’s a pretty big accomplishment for me since I’ve previously never been able to run for more than a half hour on a treadmill before I would become overwhelmed with the urge to blow my brains out. So I feel like I’m making some big progress on my marathon training, not just physically but mentally as well.

Since my last post, we had the Halloween Party, which was apparently not the crazy time it was last year – I wouldn’t know because I was still a Midrat last Halloween and had to work during the party. Joe’s package never made it, and he had to bartend at Southern that night anyway, so I was without my Stitch but everyone seemed to dig my “Hawaiian” costume anyway, so it worked out.


Of course, my costume was by no means outrageous compared to the others (and yes, I objected greatly to the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke costume but I love the couple that did it so it was hard to stay offended but, as a Wellesley Woman, I did my best. And yes, I realize only Wendies will get that joke.)




And at least all of my packages have arrived, so I’ve decorated my room a bit, putting up menus from restaurant adventures with Josh and the fabric I bought the last time I was in KL, as well as the lanterns my parents sent me from Viet Nam last year and pictures of family and food. It certainly makes the room feel brighter and homier.

Pic 1




Pic 3

Whatever time is left after work and running I’ve been spending with Scott, catching up after a year apart and even winning a game of darts at the Coffee House! Then yesterday, my friend Asad arrived and I talked him into a round at Southern with Scott and me after my 13 mile run. Asad is a member of EBEX, a project based at LDB last year. Because they don’t want to be litterbugs, the teams do eventually have to go retrieve their payloads after the balloons come down so basically, he’d come down for a week or two of camping in the middle of Antarctica while they tried to shovel out their 7,000 lb payload. I asked if their budget included a cook because I’d be happy to volunteer, but while he had petitioned hard for it, sadly they had been turned down – boil in a bag meals would have to suffice. But at least for now we could eat crisps, drink beer, and toast our friends from Blast-Pol and Super-Tiger who were with us in spirit.

Pic 4

So that’s pretty much been it for the last week – packages are definitely a highlight but it’s the same old story: between running and working, there’s not been a whole lot of time or energy for much else.


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