That 70’s Party

It’s been back to the same old, same old since our Thanksgiving celebration on the 23rd. This past Thursday, on the actual Thanksgiving, I called my friends in the US, which was a nice treat for me, especially when Sadie showed me the lovely fresh Brussels sprouts pulled from the oven. Drool.

This past weekend, I managed to wrangle my extra day off for the Thanksgiving holiday to be a Sunday (December 1st) and I spent it in a suitably lazy fashion. I went out for a big night at the bars on Saturday, then got to sleep in and have an awesome brunch on Sunday with Brandon, who was also off for his Thanksgiving holiday… you know how sometimes there is a food that perfectly suits your mood? That was how brunch was that day… I had a tiny bit of a hangover from the night before and brunch was huevos rancheros and chicken fingers with honey mustard and I had a fried egg with it and it was all just exactly what I wanted. Then I did laundry and battled with the internet for a bit to try and upload photos. Just after dinner, Brandon and I hiked Ob Hill because he hadn’t been yet and it was a lovely clear day.


Yesterday, our menu dictated that dinner would be corned beef, so we decided to go all out and do a very Irish-American dinner…cabbage to go with the corned beef, of course…

IMG_4964 IMG_4966

and I made a vegetarian Irish stew….


And we still had a bunch of bulk Italian sausage kicking around the Thaw Box because way more had been ordered than we wanted to use in our meatloaf last week (I think our chef had wanted us to just make Italian sausage loaf but that just sounded unpleasant) so I improvised a “McMurdo Style” Dublin coddle. We steamed off some veggies and made some colcannon as well and it was all a huge hit….

IMG_4963 IMG_4968

While we cooked, I put on my “COYBIG” playlist, which I listen to on my way to rugby matches and it put everyone in quite a festive mood. It was while we were dancing around to The Young Dubliners version of “The Rocky Road to Dublin” that we realized that tonight was supposed to be the GSC 70s party at Gallaghers. Todd the Culinary Manager had reserved Gallagher’s for only GSC and we were all supposed to come in costume! Fortunately, we realized this before Gear Issue had closed so we took turns going in pairs to find something suitable to wear for the night. It would seem that we were all VERY successful.

IMG_4972 IMG_4974 IMG_4996 IMG_4981

Julie remarked that I looked like “someone who had never given up Kerouac”.


Unfortunately the platform shoes I was wearing were a bit worse for wear, which meant that I took an incredible spill walking across DJ to Gallagher’s when one of the straps gave out. Volcanic rock hurts! But a few drinks in and I was feeling no pain. And it was fun to see all of GSC together.



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